Dear Sir...

Dear Mr Nissan Patrol driver,

Your car is so shiny! You must love your car more than me.

Your car looked clean and washed and quite possibly rather new.

My car is 20 years old and covered in white markings from the salt on the roads.

Both our cars are on the bigger side aren't they?

I bet you enjoy driving around looking out on other cars and being able to see up ahead what the traffic is doing as much as I do.

How about this snow we've had, huh?  CRAZY!  Breaking records left right and centre.

The roads are a mess though aren't they? A crazy patchwork of ice, bitumen, snow, over salted gritty spots- it's like a rollercoaster out there.

Lucky I don't have dentures or they'd rattle right out just getting into town I reckon!

It took me over an hour to make a 30 minute drive yesterday.

The roads are so narrow in some places I couldn't even pass a little kei-car. Spent a lot of time backing up into driveways or waiting for someone else to do the same.

It was a little hairy at times and certainly not a relaxing drive but you know what? It was kind of heartening to feel part of a bigger community of people all doing the giving and taking thing to make sure we all get home safely.

And then I met you.

On a corner.

On a road that's narrow anyway.

The centre line was only 30cm from the edge of the road on my side so It wasn't going to happen.

I had three cars behind me (love that big car extra vision don't you?)

You had noone behind you.

But you just stopped dead still.

I know the road laws here. I'm sure you do too: whichever one of us is moving when we collide has the responsibility for the accident. The flip side being as long as you are stationary you are fault free.

So you stopped. All four wheels on black.

I inched up into a snowbank on my side figuring if I did that and then stopped you'd do the same and get by and we'd all go about our way.

But no.

Your precious car doesn't do snowbanks huh?

I waited.

And gestured.

All that big car extra vision wasn't working though as you couldn't see me gesturing that I was already in the snow.

So I gave up and kept edging into the snow.

I got stuck.

The cars behind me all backed up so I could reverse and try again.

I was sweating. My wheels were spinning. I needed speed to get traction but not so much speed I kept going into a concrete block fence.

You my friend looked remarkably serene.

I got passed.

No thanks to you.

You kept your spot while the cars behind me used my tracks to get around you too.

Please watch this video:

(caveat- I only watched the first 20 seconds of this. If naked women or cruelty to animals appear after that it was not my intention to publicise that.)

Look at that Nissan Patrol go!

If you are still unwilling to get a little snow on your tires please just stay home till Spring.

Yours emphatically,

The Delica driver who only just made it past you last night.

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Gina さんのコメント...

Ahh, I “get” this post so much and I don’t even have a big car, but this post really had me nodding my head in agreement when I read it, so I had to come back and comment. Sorry if my comment gets too long.

We have many skinny roads around here too. They look like 1 lane roads, you know what I mean? But they are actually 2 way/both way roads. @.@ For the most part, people are good and kind and considerate in nature and we both sort of move out of the way as much as possible.... over to our own sides a wee bit more as we get close to each other, ywkim. But....there are some selfish drivers running around too, lucky for us they are few and far between, but they are around...I have seen them too. : (

1 type is the type that.... looks like they want to play a game of chicken with me! They almost look they have have gotten closer to the center of the roads versus...pulling more to the edge, like I do and most 98% of the usual drivers do. They also almost seem to increase speed as well...as in...step on it! @.@ This has happened to me many times.@.@ I always just pull to my side as much as I can... but not to fall into a rice field or ditch...and stop my car, let them race down...come barreling down the road all by themselves...I don’t have a death wish and I’d like to make it home in one piece, hahaha. lol. : )

The other type of driver I have encountered is....my car is much too fancy and ummm, I am not going to move my car over.... not 1 single inch...so you better do it! And they don’t and won’t move or scoot over a dot, but sort of park right in the middle of the skinny narrow road!!!!! @.@ Case in point, this happened a few months ago btw....the guy who lives up the road from us, we call him “big house guy” though in truth his house is really no bigger than anyone else’s, but his yard is enormous...like 500-600 tsubos, if I were to guess. Also, we really need to change his name to “big yard guy” versus “big house guy”, lol. Anyway....he has 2 all white station wagons...1 is a Mercedes station wagon, 1 is a Volvo station wagon. To give you a visual..he’s mid 50’s (thinks he’s in his 20’s) loves to wear Polo shirts with the collar starched up... and he and his wife never wanted kids, so don’t have them, but they have about 9 really cute cocker spaniels. I think the first 2 had puppies, they kept them all and then they got them fixed. That’s what we think anyway, how they ended up with so many dogs. Anyway....I was going to pick up Noah from school one afternoon. I was driving on a squiggly skinny road near our house, and there he was going pretty fast in the middle of the skinny road. He saw my car and instead of having consideration for your fellow driver? (nope)...fellow neighbor? (as if, he has refused to join the housing community and won’t even help clean the road on street cleaning day...not that he technically needs to.... but it gives you an idea of his mentality, I know you for surely, know what I mean...the whole block pulls his weeds in front of his house on the sidewalk, after we do all our own, it never fails, we also trim his bushes or vines that are coming onto the sidewalk also, because, he won’t do them) Anyway...get this...he would not move his precious car over 1 millimeter. Nope...he literally put his car in a total and complete stop, right in the middle of the freaking skinny road! He had his collar up, his sunglasses on and just did a complete stop in the middle of the road! He never moved his car over at all, I’m not kidding. There, I was....scratching up the side of my car against dirt field, and a bush... granted didn’t do any damage (I checked at the plaza), but did he move 1 iota....or 1 tiny dot for me? Nope! I somehow managed to get around the turd....and make it to the plaza and pick up my kiddo. But omg, was I steamed that day! Some people have consideration and care for their fellow man ( like you) and some people clearly *don’t* and only care about themselves (like the driver you mentioned and also “big yard guy” falls into that category too, sigh.