Italians are awesome

Massive respect for Italians tonight.

It's the winter holidays.

It's freezing cold outside.

We're all a little over eating rice cakes and traditional New Year's foods three meals a day.

What to have for tea.....

I have an under-utilised pasta maker....

Hey girls- lets make pasta for tea!!

So at about 5 o'clock Amy and I headed to the kitchen.

Meg wanted to finish her picture she was drawing first and K was outside in the gloaming chopping wood.

Amy was very impressed that I was pouring flour straight on the table and then cracking eggs into it.

Impressed and a little excited at how naughty it was- you forgot the BOWL mummy!!!

By the time we'd got a dough and were kneading half each for three minutes then swapping so that I could make sure Amy's half got a good go over too Meg had joined us.

While resting the dough we started the sauce with me finding a frozen block of tomatoes in the big freezer and the girls chopping onions and pumpkin, and I went on a high and low search for the pasta machine. Three cupboards and a couple of discoveries later (I found and discarded a sippy cup that hasn't been used for at least four years and realised we have not one but two fondue sets that have not only never been used but that I didn't even realise we had!) I found the pasta machine.

It won't attach to our table so we attach it to the benchseat and just work at thigh height.

It went pretty well.

I guess.

As well as cooking with a 6 and 8 year old goes.

They took turns putting the dough through, cranking the handle and helping the dough out the other side of the machine.

What I forgot was how long it takes.

All that resting and rolling and folding and rolling and etc.

Amy reading her book while waiting for one of the resting periods to end.

When we had finally cut the first batch of fettucine I realised we had nowhere to hang it. There were pasta sheets drying in various stages of done-ness here there and everywhere and flour absolutely everywhere and we still hadn't finished the sauce and we had about four strands of undried and uncooked pasta each to show for ourselves.


Luckily K had given up on chainsawing in the dark and come in. Credit to him he didn't faint when he saw the state of the kitchen and washed up and rolled up his sleeves and helped out. We now had a sauce maker and pasta drier maker. Gaffer taped some bars to the table and ran them to the hutch and we were in business.

The poor kitchen

Set Amy up making pumpkin ravioli (she is very precise and patient and perfect for fiddly jobs) and Meg and I continued fettucine production. K made sauce from the tomatoes I froze in the summer and the onion the girls had cut up and forgot to add the garlic Amy brought in from the storage but hey.

fettucine and ravioli and the empty plate after we ate the first batch of ravioli in brown butter as a chef's snack to get us through the end of the process

We had a couple of disasters- Amy over egged the ravioli wrappers and some of them glued themselves to the table and Meg put unfloured dough through the pasta machine and gummed it up and I forgot to season the pumpkin but hey. Nothing we couldn't fix with a little intuition and a lot of time.

And so at almost eight o'clock, two hours past tea time, an hour past bedtime and almost three hours after we started we finally sat down to pasta:

Poor Amy was so exhausted she was just over everything

It looked pretty authentic...

And even Amy perked up!

Phew. It was really yum. Even if I do say so myself. And we all had fun. The girls were thrilled and it was a real family production.

But when we were talking about how (some) Italian people do that every day and I mentioned that pasta isn't even the main meal in Italy and that they would make 'Il secondo' as well as pasta and salad and of course dessert they just looked at me bug-eyed.

And we all took a moment of silence in respect of Italians who are seriously awesome to manage all that.

Because while we loved our yummy fresh pasta meal, our pasta machine has been lovingly wiped down and safely packed away again and I can assure you it won't be coming out again for the next little while at least!

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D. さんのコメント...

My Italian heart jumped already at the title! (^_^)
Yours fettucine and yours ravioli look pretty good, compliments to all the chefs!!!
Only annotation: we usually close our meals with fruits, not dessert. Dessert is for special or gluttony occasions. ;)

Buon appetito! Ittadakimasu!

Myrnie さんのコメント...

Hard core!! I've given up on pasta machine fiddling, and just roll the dough as thin as I can, and run up and down with a pizza cutter. Definitely RUSTIC :) Yours looks fab!

Violet さんのコメント...

Impressive but reaffirmed for me why I have no desire to buy a pasta machine ;)

gaijinwife さんのコメント...

LOL - but it looks yummy as. Compliments to all the chefs indeed. You could bring the pasta maker fro DBSF and I'll sit round drinking wine and watching you roll pasta......

SabrinaT さんのコメント...

It looks lovely! We have a pasta machine, but I prefer to do it by hand.

Same with my sauce, its easier to make a ton, freeze it and have for later.

You and the girls should make Frolla. Its simple

300 grams flour
150 grams sugar
150 grams butter (real butter, soft)
3 egg yolks
pinch of salt.
lemon zest (to taste)

1 egg for brushing

mix until it forms a ball, and put in fridge for 40 minutes. Roll out dough, cut into shapes. Brush tops with egg. Bake 350 for 8-10 min.

You can also use orange. I really like using mikan when they are in season..

Gina さんのコメント...

Well, I think you're pretty awesome too! : )

Italian American here. Not Italian from Italy. Ykwim. And after watching the last season of The Jersey Shore who taped a season in Italy. The Jersey Shore cast, had just the toughest time in Italy. Food was a bit different from what they were used to and the majority of the cast is Italian American also, so it was interesting watching the differences and hurdles they had. They couldn't get their haircuts the way they get them done in the US, granted their haircuts, are a bit different especially Pauly D's. : ) And no tanning beds and those kids love to tan, so yeah it was interesting to see the differences. LOL. ; ) At the end, they were so ready to go back to the US. And maybe Italy was relieved they went back also. : )

Anyway, to me your meal looked absolutely delicious. And in my family my grandma, had a Sunday dinner at her house with homemade pasta every single Sunday, after church, whole family was always there... complete with (gravy, meaning the sauce) and everything.

Your meal looked delicious. And the fact your whole family got involved in making it, I enjoyed reading this post even more. : )

thefukases さんのコメント...

Ohhh thanks guys!

D. Very relieved to hear dessert is usually fruit- relieved for those doing the cooking AND the eating!

Myrnie- we actually used the pizza cutter to make the ravioli. Very quick but I7m not sure I could do anything smaller than lasagne with it!

Violet- yup. I know what you mean. We have a juicer and a grain mill, too though.... ;P

GW- uh uh. No way. I am going to drive through burrito on my way in and not cook for the whole weekend. ;P

Sabrina T- you prefer to make it by hand?? Wow. Sauce yes. I bottle/ freeze in bulk but pasta I had never thought of making in bulk. Hmmmmmm... I think I need a Nonna! Thanks for the recipe- they sound yummy AND they don't need frying- might give them a go tomorrow!

Gina- I know you're Italian and I was thinking of you actually. Knowing that you are a fellow devotee of the DIY pizza dough I was wondering whether you made pasta, too.

I don't watch Jersey Shore but I do like cake boss and he seems pretty proud of his heritage!

Gina さんのコメント...

Good morning. I knew, ya knew. : )

About making homemade... I helped make homemade pasta my whole life growing up. : ) But since living here. Would you believe I have only made it about 5 times. @_@ I'm lazy.: ( Also, my store near me, sells fresh made pasta, some company in Japan that also sells udon makes fresh pasta. Not even 1% as good as yours I'm sure. But....it works. : )

The pizza. I make homemade. But truth be known...if I had a Pizza Hut delivery near me. I'd probably not make homemade either. Again...nothing beats homemade, but by the time dinner time rolls around, I'm often tired. I'll take any shortcut I can. : ) My family would be mortified I said that.

Cake Boss rocks. I love knowing you watch that. And Noboru would definitely agree with you about Jersey Shore. I enjoy watching it. Noboru dislikes them. : (

achan さんのコメント...

looks awesome, I really don7t know how you fit it all into one day!

I love your big table, wish i had one like that!!