Saturday bloody Saturday

I was really looking forward to this weekend. It's been a big week and I was imagining a bit of a slow morning, a family clean up and then hey, why don't we even go out and get some ramen for lunch?

Instead K got a call Friday morning that his father's oldest brother had passed away. He is quite old and has been ill for a number of years so it wasn't a surprise but it is of course still sad. As the oldest son K went to represent his sisters and us and all our families. He left Friday night after work.

So Saturday dawned bright and early (you know, 5am...) with just me and the girls. And the girls were antsy and wanted to go to the park, have a picnic, make pancakes, go shopping, go for a bike ride and make something with clay and they wanted to do it all now. Me? I wanted to go back to sleep for at least a couple of hours but no-one else was into that or watching a dvd while mummy slept so up and at-em it was.

Unfortunately Amy was tired from a big week at kinder and far too many 5am starts, so by 9am she was ready for a nap. But not even going to contemplate it. On being told that the shops weren't even open yet 'But I've been up for ages!' 'That's because you woke up so early, honey.' 'No! Let's go!' And she walked out and started off down the hill to go shopping. About a 5km walk and a part of me was quite happy at the peace and quiet but you know she's an un-street-wise 5 year old and she has the determination to follow through on her wants and I have no doubt she would try and walk the whole distance so I sighed and grabbed Meg and we went to find her. She was powering down the mountain arms pumping and cursing up a storm. Delightful!

Convinced her sassy butt back up the mountain and inside the house where she proceeded to stomp around like she was in lead boots while Meg despaired at her lack of wardrobe options- the kid has mountains of clothes but apparently nothing that's just right.

I needed to finish up the rice re-planting (filling in the gaps where rice didn't do well) so I grabbed the pavement chalk, skipping ropes, water bottles, hats, teddy bears and picnic sheets and used snacks as a bribe to get the girls down to the rice paddy. Bad mummy moment but needs must. It actually worked out quite well and they drew a massive long rocket the length of the side road with different rooms including a red room that instantly warmed you and a blue room that instantly cooled you and a curry room where there was a bottomless pot of curry and rice. The rice planting went less well as the water is so deep I can't tell if the rice is there or not so had to keep doing search and recovery missions before I planted. Oh and I slipped over not once but twice. Yeah, the fun.

Manhandled the girls home for a shower, lunch (one hot ham and cheese with salad and one cold ham and cheese with soup) and got ready to take them to work with me.

We don't want to go.

I have to go.

We'll stay home.


Armed with crayons and pencils and the promise that they could draw on the chalkboard at work we set off. Amy spent the drive telling neighbour A (who comes to class with me) all the reasons why I should move out. Damn near took her up on the offer! The girls came to work with me last week too as K was busy. The students love having them there and they come seldom enough that it is usually pretty exciting for them and everything works out. Two weeks in a row was pushing it though and Meg wanted to go into the next room where they were doing songs she knew on the Ocarina while Amy kept running downstairs and outside to see the turtles in the pond down there. I'm pretty sure it's not too deep but the idea of a pond scummy, dripping wet and smelly Amy to contend with wasn't helping me keep my mind on the teaching!

It started pouring rain while I was teaching and continued all afternoon. Got the girls and my tea- spaghetti bolognaise- to find out that I had told Meg we were having pasta and apparently that means short pasta and not spaghetti so I had lied. And that is unforgivable. Amy ate her spag bog, Meg was pacified with meat sauce and cheese on top and no pasta product of any length and I bundled them into the car to go and feed the ducks. A 2 minute trip where you put the feed trays down and shut the gate. Easy peasy.

Only I decided to clear out their bedding and didn't shut the gate first and 7 ducklings escaped. Grrrrrr!!!! A 20 minute farce ensued as I tried to get the 7 runaways back in while keeping the rest of the flock from getting out and not get too wet myself in the process. Of course this is the exact moment two neighbours drop by to see the ducklings.... Oh well, in the end I had them clap their hands to shoo the ducks back my way and I got the gate closed. Certainly didn't make duck-keeping look as fun and easy as I was boasting it was....

Back in the car to peeved kids 'you promised you'd only be 5 minutes!!!' Lied again. Back home for bath and pjs and back into the car to go and shut the door on the duck house. Thankfully it really was only a 2 minute job only I lost my sandal somewhere in the mud. Stupid really as I always take them off and go in barefeet but I had a headache, was tired and stressed with the whole wonderful Saturday and just didn't think. Too dark to see anything in the muddy water so dejectedly hobbled back to the car with one sandal on.

The girls were so tired they went to sleep quite quickly which was the only highlight of the day that was Saturday bloody Saturday. And the worst bit? You can't even really complain about a crappy day to someone who has driven 7+ hours to go to a funeral, huh?

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gaijinwife さんのコメント...

Sounds a bit like our Sunday - well, actually nothing like our Sunday but being told I'm doing it wrong and a lier by Shou is a given these days. He nearly got soaped.

Sorry to hear about K's uncle. I'm surprised his sisters didn't need to go but glad you and the girls weren't expected there. 14 hours in the car being told you're a lier would probably be worse !

Gina さんのコメント...

I'm very sorry to hear about K's uncle.

What a day you had! : ( Hopefully the week goes smoother for you. : )

Brenda さんのコメント...

So sorry about K's uncle.

Next time you have to do a Saturday on your own let me know and I'll come with my two and the 4 girls can destroy your house together while you work! I don't mind ;)

Lulu さんのコメント...

If my hub is not around on weekends it never feels like a weekend. I feel your pain!

Sorry about K`s uncle!!

I read your post below (sorry I haven`t been around commenting lately- I read through a reader- and I clicked over and you have a new header image up? How long has it been there, whoops!) - it is nice you could send some veggies to you MIL!