I'm b-b-b-back

And it's collllld. How cold? This cold:

My olive oil froze.

So did my toothbrush.

And the kitchen cloth.

And the outlet hose on the dishwasher.

And the inlet hose on the dishwasher.

So there's been a lot of hair dryer use going on here recently!

The girls are loving it- all that snow to play in! I think I am missing the snow gene though. I just don't get why you'd want to purposely touch the stuff. I mean it's coooolllld!

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Gina さんのコメント...

I'm so glad you're back. ; )

Gosh darn your house gets cold. Our old house rental used to get that cold too. One room would be toasty warm and the rest of the house would be freezing cold. I'd play the....how badly do i really need to go to the bathroom game with myself every morning. Or we'd rock paper scissors eachother hubs and I, on who would go turning all the gas heaters on all around the house. When I'd go pee, actually smoke would come out my mouth. Oh man. I remember. It sucked getting that cold, I understand completely. : ( PS, our olive oil used to freeze up too. : (

On the bright side, lots of fun snow for the girls to play in. Ours here always melts in a day. : ( ; )

Xana さんのコメント...

When I lived in the mountains in Shimane, I trained one of my cats to turn on the kerosene stove 15 minutes before my alarm went off in the morning. Then he'd go sit on the toilet seat to stay warm until the room heated up a bit. They say it is hard to train a cat, but I reckon it is easier than training a husband!

This is the most snow we've had in Gifu since I've been here (11 years). The girls are loving it! They would love to live in Nagano. Me, I'd love to live there, too...in the summer.

I'm surprised the Japanese haven't invented more mini-heated items. Heated toothbrushes, heated mouse and keyboard, heated olive oil stand... It seems like something they might show on the nifty new gadget corner on the NHK morning news.

Bryn さんのコメント...

Yay! Welcome back!!

Holy crap!!! I can't believe it's that cold INSIDE your house!! That's insane!!

thefukases さんのコメント...

Gina- I sooo do the holding off on peeing thing! The downstairs of our house has two main areas coming off a central corridor. One side has the woodstove and is toasty warm. The other side has the kitchen and tv room and is wear I freeze olive oil.
Xana- does your cat want to do a homestay with me? That is so cool you could do that! I have theories relating to the great gaman game as to why Japanese houses have such high tech stuff (washlet, bath etc) and yet are missing the basics (insulation???!!! central heating etc) but it really is a mystery. Glad your girls are enjoying the snow. I have to admit it's pretty.
Bryn, so, when are you coming up? ;P