Happy Australia Day!

It snowed all day.

The only lamb you can buy in this town is uber-thin sliced and frozen. The locals eat it as "Genghis-Kahn" a hot plate meal. You can't roast it to eat with mint sauce.

This town is also completely devoid of VB, Fosters, Carlton- even XXXX.

I don't actually drink beer anyway.

I could have made meat pies but I went to all that trouble a couple of years ago and the girls were less than thrilled (they don't really like beef mince) and K was happy as long as it was served with rice and pickles and miso soup.... which is completely un-Australian.

Being electric mixerless I didn't have the energy or get-up-and-go to make a pavlova.

And anyway, I think the latest news is that NZ has put in another claim on it. Sheesh, next thing you'll want Russell Crowe, too....

I had to work all day. That is almost criminally un-Australian. Even for a non-beer drinker. Australia Day should be spent outside, flat out like a lizard drinking, soaking up cancerous UV rays in your shorts and thongs (North Americans please note the s on the end there) and either listening to the cricket, the tennis or JJJ hottest 100 countdown. You then have to whinge. That's important- we were robbed at the cricket (even if we won), the tennis coverage sucks and the hottest 100 is sooo commercial these days. (It's a popular vote so you'd assume that a majority of people voted for the #1 song but you'd never guess it to hear the moans from the obviously far more culturally elite...)

So anyway, what with the snow and all that I was not going to be lying out on the deck wearing any amount of clothing let alone just a singlet and shorts.

I was definitely feeling like the hard done by Australian. The little Aussie battler. The under-dog in the Australia Day festivities. (This may sound depressing but these are all good things, they are all very Australian sentiments.)

So, after briefly wondering whether I could blame the government in any way for my current predicament, realising it would be difficult to blame immigrants as I am one and deciding El Nina was a definite possibility I was buoyed by my Aussie true grit in being still determined to do something Aussie and burst into a rousing rendition of Advance Australia Fair. Only I couldn't remember the tune properly- kept getting mixed up with the Adam Hills Working Class man version.

Actually, I think I prefer that version.

Undecided whether that's shockingly un-Australian or quite the renegade anti-authoritarian true blue Aussie thing to do.

So, being that I am obviously such a true blue Aussie chic I of course own me some Barnesy and put it on as I had a moment of sheer genius (Australians are known for these, just ask one) and made the perfect dish to celebrate Australia Day-observed-under-less-than-ideal-conditions:

ANZAC cookies.*

Only it seems the NZers reckon they got dibs on that, too...

That'd be right. Bloody Kiwis.

Kiwi bashing- that's very Australian.

So is cussing.

I'm feeling more Aussie by the minute here.

Better go before I start approaching random Americans to tell them what's wrong with their country...

Happy (bloody) Australia Day anyway, (mates).

*I mean no disrespect to the memory of any ANZACs and am fully aware that my 'hardships' are nothing compared to what they endured but you see complaining and exaggeration are such quintessentially Australian traits...

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Tigermama さんのコメント...

We celebrated Australia Day at an Indian National Day reception. It's the first time I've seen two countries share a day. The Aussies here don't hold a reception though...budget cuts!

Kim さんのコメント...

Loved, loved, loved your post!!! Happy Australia Day to you! Maybe someday when we are older, we can meet your family "down under!" and you can give us the REAL Aussie experience! I'll bring my thongS! LOL!

Gina さんのコメント...

What a wonderful post. Happy Australia Day to you Heather! : )

Clare Maree さんのコメント...

Love the sentiments but..."cookies"??!! When there's a perfectly good Australian word called "Bickies". Tsk, tsk ;p

Rachel さんのコメント...

You SO do not own the pav! You can have Russel though. And I'm prepared to share the BISCUITS.

gaijinwife さんのコメント...

Lol. Excellent reading. And ditto Rachel. The pav is ours ' The nationality of its creator has been a source of argument between the two nations for many years, but formal research indicates New Zealand as the more probable source' - just to get my argument in there. You can keep Russel Crow cause I hated the Gladiator, and surely ANZAC biscuits are shared? I understand Barnsey which is good cause i had trouble with Acca Dacca.

And you just watch out with calling them biscuits cookies - wikipedia says you can't use cookies with ANZAC - it's like nearly illegal and shit.

'The term ANZAC is protected under Australian law[5] and therefore the word should not be used without permission from the Minister for Veterans' Affairs;[6] misuse can be legally enforced particularly for commercial purposes. Likewise similar restrictions on naming[7] are enshrined in New Zealand law[8] where the Governor General can elect to enforce naming legislation. There is a general exemption granted for ANZAC Biscuits, as long as these biscuits remain basically true to the original recipe and are both referred to and sold as ANZAC Biscuits and never as cookies'

God, I really need to get out of the house. Perhaps I'll go on a hunt for rolled oats.

achan さんのコメント...

cussing? You've been amongst the wrong crowd for too long you're loosing your authenticity.

Get rid of the pav anyway-I wouldn't waste my egg whites on it!! Totally overrated.

but make a double batch of ANZAC biscuits and we can share them with oour NZ friends since they helped make the name too with their sacrifice.

There's LOTS of lamb round here if you ever want some but it is from NZ-so surely you don't!!

Happy Bloody Aussie Day mate from another Aussie!! (we need to go to the embassy one year for their party!)

tj-injapan さんのコメント...

Delurking to say Happy Australia Day! For some reason this year, I am feeling so true blue and nationalistic -- I don't think I have ever said "Happy Australia Day" so much!

Oh, and I agree - BISCUITS, please ;) ....they do look yummy tho;)

LOL about Russel Crowe...since when did he get so unpopular (have I really been out of the loop that long?!)

Cheers from a fellow Aussie, singing to Barnsey, Farnsey and Acca Dacca all week ;)

tj-injapan さんのコメント...

omg, and that version of the national anthem is just fan-bloody-tastic!

kel さんのコメント...

Happy Australia Day from me too! :)
Loved the anthem, still got it in my head.lol

thefukases さんのコメント...

Trust Australia to gatecrash the Indian National Day Party- bet they hogged all the booze to boot!

Kim- you are welcome to Australia Day at mine anytime! We'll have the barbie fired up, plenty of salads and I'll introduce you to all my favourite Aussie music- walks on the beach highly recommended.

Gina- thank you!

Clare Maree- shame, shame, shame, huh? (remember that?)

Rachel- you're willing to give up Rusty's acting skills AND his musical talent?

GW- a kiwi wrote that article. I know it.

achan- how os there lamb there for you guys? A big Aussie population? How do people eat it, huh? mysterious! And the Australian embassy has a party open to us regular Joes? Not just important trade partners?

tj and kel- that should BE the national anthem, yeah??