resistance to meme is futile

I was going to ignore this- wanting to be all cool and alternative and not join in but then everyone joined in and I was feeling left out... and I'm too tired to write up a cute birthday blog about Amy (much easier on a night she hasn't woken 5+ times already raging at the world that she has a stuffed nose and can't sleep, too. I know stuffed noses suck (or rather don't) but seriously, some stuff in life is just not mummy's fault.) So anyway- jumping on the bandwagon:

1. What’s your middle name?
Mary. Same as my mum, my grandma and Meg. Only Meg is convinced it's Merry as in Christmas.
2. What’s your favorite magazine?
Good Weekend, the Saturday supplement from the newspaper in Melbourne. I like it so much I pay for my mum to send me bunches of them. The shame....
3. What are you wearing right now?
Black capris and a cute embroidered top. Pale pink star socks with a hole in the heal. It's too cold for the capris but I love them. The shirt is beautiful but made for someone 20cm shorter so I don't hail taxis, do heads shoulder knees and toes or pirrouette in it. The socks are making me sad as I love them and they are already wearing out. Sob....
4. What color are your bed sheets?
The pretty white with satiny stripes set are on mum and dads bed at the moment so we have cobbled together a pink and white single sheet, a hospital style crunchy thick white one and a bright fiery read over sheet for our bed. It's amazing I sleep at all....
5. Who was your third grade teacher?
Grade 3 was Mrs Peterson. The drama teacher. She rocked. And I was taller than her by the end of the year. I had her husband in Grade 6.
6. What is the weather like right now?
Chilly Autumn night. That's Ok- an excuse to put the fire on!
7. Do you know how to ski?
I believe you strap two planks to your feet and point your feet downhill. Can I ski? No. Each and every time I have skiied (all three times) I have come home with the aid of the cute young men of ski patrol. And I'm married now so no more of that. Tobogganing? Now you're talking!
8. What was the last thing you drank?
My winter tipple- hot water with a splash of apple juice.
9. Dream vacation?
Tropical island paradise with no hordes of tourists and a kids club. Oh and since I started reading Gina's blog- Guam.
10. Favorite article of clothing?
My Aussie elastic sided workboots. Perfect in a country where you are constantly reshodding.
11. Do you prefer baking or cooking?
cooking. Only because I always eat too much when I bake and end up feeling ill....
12. Is your hair above or below your shoulders?
above. Above my ears even!
13. What drink do you order when out?
Creme brulee machiato. Or nama chuhai.
14. What book are you reading?
Menonite cookbook on preserving.
15. What did you dream about last night?
The only dreams I ever remember are nightmares so quite happy that I don't remember last night's..
16. What was the last movie you went to?
In a theatre?? That is going back 11 years or so. No idea. The first I saw was Alby Mangels World Safari in the basketball court/ summer movie theatre.
17. Any injuries at the moment?
war wounds from pruning the roses.
18. What color is your bathroom?
White with a yellow and green leaf pattern.
19. What’s the state of your laundry right now?
Hamper is empty. Lines are full. Fire is on. All that's left is to go to sleep and wait till it's done.
20. Do you take vitamins?
Only in wholefood form.
21. Where do you love to shop?
The hardware shop and the 100 yen shop.
22. How often do you buy groceries?
Every Wednesday morning. We are systematic here. Why we're hydromatic. We're greased grocery lightening!
23. Do you have a pet/pets?
Two chooks and a bucket of tadpoles.
24. If you are married, when is your next anniversary?
January 5 Ichi-go. We eat strawberries.
25. How do you take your coffee and/or tea?
Coffee any way I can get it. If I make it myself it's milky. Tea? green only and piping hot please.
26. Mac or PC? Desktop or Laptop?
27. Favorite month of the year?
September. Summer is still here, Autumn is starting and the girls' birthdays.
28. Do you have a hobby?
gardening, reading, preserving, photography, writing.
29. What salad dressing do you prefer?
balsamic vinegar if anything.
30. Live or fake Christmas tree?
Has to be not just live but living thank you!
31. Did you walk or take a bus to school?
mum's car for primary school and then rode my bike 15 minutes to the busstop for the hour ride to school after that.
32. Do you have any phobias?
bridges, rats, knife wielding weirdos attacking me.
33. What’s your favorite snack food?
I'm faddy. At the moment Look chocolate. All time favourite? Candied ginger. And sour gummies.
34. When do you take your shower/bath?
After everyone else at night so I don't feel guilty spending an hour in there reading the Good Weekend.
35. What time did you get up this morning?
36. What’s your favorite animal?
to look at- lions. As a pet- my chooks.
37. Have you ever broken a bone?
Yup. A toe, a wrist, an elbow, a hand. I have co-ordination issues.
38. Do you wear makeup?
39. Do you speak any foreign languages?
Japanese. Non-Aussie English when forced to.
40. Have you ever played a sport?
U13 Netball (badly but with much enthusiasm), Mixed basketball (better but with less enthusiasm), U15 field hockey (badly but with much fire and enthusiasm) Kyokushin karate (moderately well and with 4-nights-a-week enthusiasm) cross country running and cycle touring.
41. Your last UPS package contained …
A textbook for work.
42. What’s on your desktop?
Revolving slideshow of the girls in Australia last Summer.
43. What is your home page?
The ABC Australian news.
44. Extrovert or introvert?
Social introvert?
45. Favorite board game?
Pictionary, Activity, Scattergories, Scrabble, Boggle. Anything word-based.
46. What class did you like best in high school? In college?
High school – English Literature or history, uni - Japanese, politics or educational psychology. I'm a geek, I loved all my subjects!
47. What would you do with an extra hour each day?
Probably waste it doing more of what I already fit into a day.
48. Do you have allergies?
Hayfever and red wine.
49. Are your nails painted?
yep, but only a skerrick and that's because I keep forgetting to buy nail polish remover and so just wait till it wears off. Lucky it's clear with silver sparkles and not bright red, huh?
50. Where are you right now?
The fires on- derr! On the hearth.

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gaijinwife さんのコメント...

Love the merry for merry Christmas :) So are you seriously allergic to red wine or does it just make you trashed and vomitty? For some reason when I have visions of topless men squashing our grapes in tuscany they are always red. I'll have to re-group and sort out a vision with white ones instead.

I have a phobia of knife wielding men attacking me and family too - must be a Japan thing I think. Too many sickos with knives stabbing people for no reason.

You've started the fire already? Is that early or standard for this time of year. Must admit has been hot then cold here and at this very moment hub is outside with the chainsaw and pile of wood.

Rachel さんのコメント...

Loved the Grease reference! Now I know what to watch with the kids next! (Erica's introduction - the older girls are already converts)

thefukases さんのコメント...

Yup. Seriously allergic to red wine. Well I guess technically I'm intolerant. A single sip at 20 (really it was a sip, I didn't like the taste) gave me a horrible migraine- light sensitivity, movement sensibility, throwing up the works and the doctor told me it was the wine. Funnily enough I haven't tried it again. I'll find a white wine grape squasher out there somewhere... ;P

The knife wielding sicko thing is definitely a post-migration phobia.

I'm such a wimp and we have such an over abundance of wood the fire's been on every night. Well, the washing does have to get dry, yeah? And isn't a guy with a chainsaw rather sexy? ;P

I love Grease. And I always point out that Liv's an Aussie. :)