stag party at ours tonight

Stag beetle party that is....

Meg is bug mad.

Really. The kid could bore your socks off on stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles and male and female physical attributes (not genitalia but hornage) and care of and dietary preferences and the best way to find them and... and....

But poor Meg's parents were not rushing out to get her a beetle buddy. It's one pet I'm pretty sure she's not allergic to so that's a plus but K is not actually that fond of bugs (probably the only boy in Japan who never went bug hunting) and I have a catch and release philosophy on pets which doesn't really gel with keeping wild animals in cages with a constant supply of sugary jelly (such an obvious choice of food yeah? Coz you always see beetles hanging out sucking back fruit jelly in the woods, right?)

So for the last week or so we have been going back and forth back on forth on the bug thing:

"And then you just get some sawdust and we have lots and you get some wood big wood not little wood but not too big because it has to fit in the bug box and some people have yellow lids but I like the black lids. Not the big bug box though that's too big I just want a medium one, but with the black lid and you can buy these jellies and they smell good but you can't eat them because they're not people jellies they're bug jellies and-"

"I don't know why she wants to have a bug. Why? I never had a pet bug. ...We could get another goldfish? ...Why a bug? ....And she wants us to go and get one from the woods? At night? And pick up a bug? Where on earth do bugs live anyway? And pick it up with your hands?"

"It's just a bug. I mean it's not like she wants a pet snake. I had pet snails and caterpillars and tadpoles and even an antfarm when I was a kid. The ant farm was crazy. We left the lid off and they escaped. In the house. Yeah, really. No, mum wasn't thrilled. And dad didn't like the tadpoles as they grew legs, turned into frogs and jumped in the washing up when he was doing it. Yeah really. No of course they weren't ok. It was hot soapy water. And we used to collect the frogs eggs in our gumboots and bring them home barefeet. On a muddy gravel road. Yeah, really. In winter, too. So when you think about it compared to all that a stag beetle is pretty harmless, right? And I hear S-chan and H-chan's dads are both gun bug hunters. We could always ask them for advice Ok. Well if you think we don't need to ask that's cool we can just go out by ourselves.

So endless re-runs of those conversations for the last week and we were all set to do it today. I bought a bug box yesterday- the Hilton penthouse suite of bug boxes- and was slightly overawed by the range and sheer number of bugkeeping related products for sale here. Really. And if K knew that there's a possibility we might need beetle mite remover or mini-fly repellant (whatever mini flies are) he would freak! And we had a date to go bug hunting tonight. A very vague date "Go to the mountains with a torch and a bug box and just, you know, find a bug." Well Meg's plan was rather more elaborate, she wanted to find a stag beetle, a rhinoceros beetle and a female beetle (she thinks that's a type of beetle...)

Just as I was gearing up for my "we're really gonna do our best and try our hearts out but we can't guarantee success honey...." talk and K was looking slightly green getting together the bug hunting gear S-chan's dad, S-chan, her brother and her cousin rocked up at the gate carrying a bug box a piece and a big net.

Yeah! They're inviting us bug hunting- chance of success instantly infinitely increased!

But nope. Not inviting us bug hunting.

Even better!

Giving Meg bugs! Yeah!! Meg, K and I all had huge grins on our faces for completely different reasons. But we were all thrilled. And the best bit? Two stag beetles. Two male stag beetles so very impressive to look at and no chance of larvae to look after. So it's a stag beetle party at ours tonight and I'm just working on convincing Meg they would all be much happier if the bugs stay in their box at bedtime rather than share her bed. Even the little one with the underdeveloped pincers...

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Gaijin Wife さんのコメント...

We have five kabutomushi maggots pulsating in a box of dirt in the shed. Barf. They are very genki and when he got them off Jo months and months ago I was kinda hopping they wouldn't survive. But they have.

How can K have gotten through childhood in Japan without being a bug person? Amazing!!

And was it really the first time you had bought a bug box? With Meg, who sounds like Shou, I thought she would have been carrying when she arrived out the saloon doors?

At least she is happy now and you can write about her 'first pet' in the space in the baby book.

- they like watermelon too.

Bryn さんのコメント...

How have you lived where you do for so long without every buying a bug box?

Probably E's favorite thing about Japan, beetle season. We've got boxes, nets, bags of jellies, bits of wood in all shapes and sizes...oddly enough, there's a "beetle forest" smack in the middle of our neighborhood. It's 5 - 6 trees, in the middle of all the houses, literally swarming with beetles every summer.

thefukases さんのコメント...

Pllllleeeease bug sempai- teach me the way of the bug. The bug hilton has serious security issues and the netting is now taped *and* weighed down to avoid escapees. I REALLY don't need to be searching the house for the beetles! I have been doing a lot of internet research and it's 90% about how to breed them again not interested. Especially when I saw the larvae- they're what I call witchetty grubs and feed the chooks by the dozen every time I spit wood. Who knew! Iam most worried about changing the sawdust (how often) and the bug food. We have jellies and the sites said kuwagata are big eaters. Well they have barely scratched it. Are they depressed? Stressed? Gourmands who don't like cheap Cainz bug food? Putting in watermelon or banana is supposed to attract nasty mites and flies though right?

And also They are living in the genkan. The genkan that is home to (about 2m away but still) a cockroach repellant and a moth repellant. Will these make them sick? Man, I really am spending waaaay too much time worrying about these beetles!

Gina さんのコメント...

Meg's into stag beetles. Very cool. Both Branden and Noah are crazy for them as well. We have the nets and bug boxes here too.

I really am not so crazy about the bugs for pets thing either. We had them in a box in our genkan for a while, but since the weathers been good, I've kicked them out. So now the beetles are on our front porch area. We even have a larvae in there too. Blech. @_@

Fwiw, our beetles the kids had last year. They weren't big eaters either. We had the beetle jelly and they barely even touched it. perhaps ours wanted a better fancier treat too? ; ) Who knows. They lived for a long long time though...until we released them.