Progress report from the early July garden

It's all go in the garden at the moment. So much go I'm playing catch-up all the time. But hey, life's twice as fun when you live it 200% right?

We harvested our garlic. A great crop this year. We tried to wait till the bulbs got as big as possible and they went to seed. I actually like the flavour of the seeds as well so no problem there but the neighbours all tut-tutted when they saw. Oh well.

We have started ripping out the yellowing plants from the first crop of snowpeas and replacing with the second round which we had started in our starter bed.

We are harvesting around 20-30 cucumbers a day. Waaaay too many cucumbers. We're giving them away left right and centre, pickling them, serving cucumber sticks with every meal, even the chooks get a daily cucumber! We have another 16 plants in a starter box to plant in a couple of weeks so cucumber madness shows no signs of abating anytime soon...

The stick broccoli is excelling in stick production and providing a welcome relief to the diet of cucumber and peas. Stick broccoli is a true champion plant I think everyone should have. Where as you get one main head on a regular broccoli and then up to half a dozen mini heads if you lay on the TLC stick broccoli provides you with months of broccoli florets- each conveniently the size of a floret. It's like ready-meal broccoli in a stay-fresh package!

We are inundated with mini turnips, radishes and mini daikon. We always plant waaay too many of all of these as there are thousands of seeds in a packet, and they grow so quickly it gives you an almost immediate return on your investment at a time when there's a lot of work going into the garden and not much coming out. By now though we have other stuff to eat and are suffering through the root vegetables so as not to have them go to waste. I made some sweet pickles (vinegar and sugar) and the radishes turned everything a gorgeous shade of pink which was kind of exciting to eat. For the first three days anyway...

Blueberry and raspberry madness is still in full swing. I have about a kilo of each in the freezer and we're loving berry crumble, berry cobbler, fresh berries on our brekky and berry snacks. Well, actually not all of us are exactly loving it. Amy burst into tears last night as she thought the berry cobbler was chocolate. Yeah. Because I always serve up a pie dish half full of chocolate, right? Even the chooks don't get excited over being given the bruised and damaged berries anymore.

The wintered swiss chard, spinach, ruccola, coriander and lettuce is going to seed as the second crop we planted this Spring comes on. We are planning for a third crop from these seeds.

Whether the three sisters experiment is a success or not is hard to call at the moment. The beans have gone mad, the corn is chest high, the orderly ruler wielding neighbours are horrified at the randomness of it all but it all looks pretty healthy and happy at the moment. We shall see.

The zucchinis are loving life. About 1.5m across at the moment we are harvesting huge zucchinis every couple of days. Plenty more coming too. Yum.

The snake beans are huge. About 1.8m long (tall? high?) now. Still waiting for a single bean though. There are buds so that's a start right? I am such a control freak, I go out there every morning and wind the new tendrils back into the nets keeping it all nice and neat and manageable. This is actually kind of fun and much better than not doing it and ending up with a bean jungle a la last year.

The peach is (finger, toes, legs and eyes crossed) looking like giving us about 30 peaches this year. This will be the first crop that didn't all drop off at some point before they ripened. The nectarine is huge, the leaf curl did infect the fruit as well as the foliage and we have lost about 50 fruit already and what is left is all diseased. Oh well, live and learn and that is a lesson on putting off the spraying, hey?

The redcurrants are so beautiful glistening in the sun that I haven't picked any yet. Must get around to it before the birds get sick of blueberries and move on to them!

The two plum trees I pruned severely (the arborial equivalent of a decapitation) have sprouted from their cut bits and have plums colouring up nicely. So excited as I love blood plums. The Japanese apricot (ume) has about 10 plums that are bigger than golfball size and turning orange. I think I will preserve them in syrup as that's my favourite way to eat the big ones.

All the fruit trees are having their best year to date which is very exciting.

A lot of weeding is being done and a lot more desperately needs doing. The rainy season really is amazing at kick starting growth but unfortunately it works just as well (if not better) on weeds as it does on the stuff we plant.

And that's about it from the garden at the moment. Back to you in the studio, Jim.

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Bryn さんのコメント...

Good grief! I've never even heard of half the things you're growing! LOL That's a whoooooooole lot of gardening going on, how do find time for anything else, especially with extra work hours?

Helen さんのコメント...

Have you made cucumber soup? It's wonderful for summer....I'm also a big fan of cucumber and yogurt salad...

Your garden sounds great...I'm split between being jealous of you, and thankful that I don't have one! Still, fresh veggies and all that.

Zucchini...yum. One of my faves :-) Your daughters might like chocolate zucchini cake. I've never made it, but it tastes wonderful.

achan さんのコメント...

Gee I am exhausted just reading! Maybe you need a girl Friday??? I'm volunteering!!

We didn't get our act together this year and now I couldn't be bothered :( My zucchinis though look like they've had it-too much rain and then too hot. Oh well we ate about 20. Chocolate zucc loaf is on my blog. We have giant cucc with lots of flowers but no cucc yet?? Not sure why.

I can see why you moved to Nagano. Soundslike you are right at home.

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Gina さんのコメント...

Your garden sounds like it's doing fantastic. After reading this, I am now wishing I would have grown broccoli.

I hear ya on the too many cucumbers. We're feeling down right cucumbered out at the moment! Had to give my neighbor 6 last week.

Our zucchini is doing well. Remember my zucchini 2 years ago that flopped? I think, I'm getting better this year with those.