One of those days

Some days you should just give up on and head back to bed you know? But you don't know that at the start do you? Oh no. You have to slog your way through to the end before you realise you should have pulled the doona over your head and refused to move.

It started with Meg flailing on the floor that I'm always so horrible and mean to her when I was trying to hurry her up as she needed to be out the door in five minutes and she had no socks, the contents of her bag were spilling out everywhere and we still had to do our daily shoe battle where I point out that she is getting a lift to school so should wear shoes in case the rain clears and she needs to run doing PE and she claims that it's raining so she needs gumboots.

Got Meg out the door and grabbed a gulp of coffee to fortify myself for the Amy battle. A good half an hour of negotiating later and I'm ready to pull my hair out. The pinnacle of pain was the lunchbox debacle. Mean and nasty mummy has given poor hard done by Amy one chore to do each day. One. Remove her empty rice box from her bag and put it in the sink. Phew... child labour- call social welfare, right? Well she spends a good chunk of her time complaining at the injustice of this onerous task. I cracked it today and told her I was putting her rice in her dirty rice box as she hadn't put it in the wash. K overheard and came running in looking horrified. No no no! She'll get food poisoning if you mix old rice and new rice. There was no old rice- she polishes off it all every day. It's basically just a smeared lunch box and we're talking about a kid who eats anything with seemingly no ill effect whatsoever- even a throat lozenger that went through the washing machine- ewwww. But well, I lost.

Finally got them out the door with Amy rabbiting on about something or another ten to the dozen.

Right. Off to feed the chooks. Blergh.... The chook cage is a slurry pit. Too much rain, too much manure, just yuck. Feeling sorry for the chooks (they have a 3m x2m covered area but still) I decided to spread some rice straw around. I really don't want to have to google footrot in chooks or something like that. Grabbed the rice straw from the huge pile in the shed- nervously as I am terrified it will be teeming with mice and cockroaches and lord knows what else from the animal kingdom that prefers warm dry rice straw to the rain of biblical proportions that's going on outside at the moment. Climb over the rebar fence to get back into the cage without doing any damage to my nether regions- a very real fear as I have to stand on tiptoe to get from the wobbly stump on this side of the fence to the wobbly stump inside the cage while balancing my double armload of rice straw- and breathe a sigh of relief as I put my feet down on solid ground again. Well, solid, wet ground. Solid, wet, slippery ground. Yup. Arse up in the rank and revolting muck. I could have cried but you wouldn't have known as it was chucking it down with rain anyway. Bloody chooks didn't even pretend concern as they ran over to check out the ground I exposed with my slip. So much for gratitude, huh?

Didn't want to gunk up the shower drain with lord knows what so ended up hosing myself down before I came inside to shower. Yuck. Just yuck.

Went to my morning 1-2 yo class and just as we were starting two men turned up at the classroom window. Call me suspicious but something about the buzzcuts, Louis Vuitton manbags, Japanese style jinbei outfits and not to mention lack of toddlers in tow made me think they probably weren't here to join the class. They were looking for the previous tenant who had left without telling his 'friends' where he was going. It was all very pleasant and congenial but there were big ears and eyes throughout the classroom as I conducted the exchange about when we moved in and whether we knew where the previous tenant went etc etc. I thought I'd handled it very well and turned back to the class to re-start the hello song when one of the mums piped up (in English) 'Japanese gang member'. Class deteriorated into a discussion of local gang activity and it took all my kiddie entertainment skills to regain control of the situation. Sheesh.

Raced from class to the supermarket only to find it was 5% off day and the place was jampacked. We don't get a newspaper so I never know about the sales and to be honest I value a stress free shopping experience more than 100 yen off my grocery bill but I needed to shop so I sucked it up and braved the onslaught of old women wielding their elbows and shopping carts as though they were weapons. Aaaghhh.

Got home, unpacked, discovered that K had run the washing machine again, don't get me wrong, I really appreciate that he puts the laundry on each night but seriously it has been raining for a week, there is washing in several states of half dry/ half sour on every available hanging place in the house and I really don't need another load to do. Agghhh! I rate clothing as dry or not yet dry. K has a wet season rating of 'wet season dry' which I hate. Oh well, all his clothes that were 'wet season dry' got folded up to make room for the new load.

Had the last meeting with the neighbour's co-worker's daughter who is going to Australia. It's been a fun three months but I feel a dreadful weight of responsibility as she chose where and when and for how long to go based on the information I gave her. Rather gulp inducing. Today she showed me her international drivers license which freaked me out and I spent a long time explaining roundabouts.

Just finished up there and Meg arrived home demanding snacks and asking for a blow by blow description of her bugs' day. Something I had promised I would watch but promptly forgot this morning. Not a happy Meg. But she ate her banana while watching the bugs (they are pretty slothlike in the daylight hours so not that exciting to watch) and all was forgiven.

Went to my afternoon class with Meg and it went well. A great group of 6 year olds and we are at the end of a 6 week unit called 'all about me' which they have really gotten into which is great.

Raced back to kinder to grab Amy and she refused to leave. She was busy. Come back later. The teacher and I convinced her to come out and home we go.

The dinnertime arsenic hour was it's usual less pleasurable than teeth pulling experience. I was cooking salmon, convincing Meg that I can do mental arithmetic so that when she asked me to check her sums and I wasn't using my fingers to count on I really was still doing it properly and trying to placate Amy who was nutting out that I wasn't listening to her:

Amy I am listening to you now. Tell me what you want to-
Stop talking! You're always talking. You never listen to me!
I'm list-
Stop talking!!!
Wahhhh you're not listening!

So I'm multitasking away and I inadvertently sighed.
"Wow, it's tough being a mummy, isn't it?"
"Yes! Thank you Meg. It really is tough, sometimes."
"You have to do lots of things and everyone gets grumpy at you."
"Yes, but I love you guys so I don't mind. You could stop being so grumpy though. Mummy is trying to help everyone."
"It's too tough being a mummy. ... I think I'll be a daddy."

That made me laugh and give her a cuddle. Went and found Amy rubbing her tears and nose all over the thick blanket I had just got dry after she wet the bed three nights ago but with my renewed mummy calm I didn't even explode. Just gave her a cuddle, convinced her to come eat tea and decided the blanket has seen far worse and folded it up. Shocking huh?

The bedtime routine went better than expected as we pretended to be shinkansen and did everything at double speed. Saying 'lets be shinkanen!' is so much more effective than 'would you stop faffing about and get your butts into bed so mummy can go downstairs and collapse?'

Came downstairs after forbidding Amy from bedhopping and Meg from fiddling with her alarm clock which has been known to go off at rather odd hours lately... and went to grab all the washing from under the eaves. Only two sheets had blown off the line. My fault for not using pegs but still of course they blew off into the ruddy mud. Darn it. More washing.

And that was my day, today. Here's hoping tomorrow is better or I might just pack up and move to the Sahara, or the Serengeti, or even the Nullabor. Anywhere where it doesn't rain....

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jojoebi さんのコメント...

ohh yes, I relate. got up to find the fridge off and the bread machine off, bread only half cooked. sorted that to find hub had put the laundry on and it was raining, yesterdays load still not dry aghhhh. it has cleared up not, thankfully, no chicken poop for me though...

Kim さんのコメント...

OH, my goodness sakes alive!!!!! What a day, and on top of it all, the RAIN!!! You have my admiration! We, are baking. Too hot to go outside in our shadeless yard. Wish we could share!