ahhh the holidays...

Saturday a holiday?

Not around here.

I swear I work harder on the weekend than I do on a work day!

Today started at the ungodly hour of 5:40 when both little darlings decided it was time to get the day underway. I must be the only mum in Japan who actually encourages- nay begs- my kids to raid the fridge for a yoghurt and stick a DVD on when they wake up but pleeeeaseeeee I need my sleep!

Absolutely wasn't happening and I was out of bed in two seconds when Meg offered to make Amy scrambled eggs. Yah, thanks for the offer but no thanks!

So I got up and made scrambled eggs and bacon and sauteed spinach and garlic with cheesey polenta for three and rice for one. A serve of fresh squeezed (ok, blendered) orange juice and hot coffee on the side... not to shabby, hey?

Then did the morning chores (including half an hour with Meg doing sums and hiragana and reading and then a token effort at English) and headed outside to:
  • Cut down a tree (that is rather addictive. Think my carbon account is in the red and my Aussie family will disown me for crimes against the environment if I don't get this under control soon...)
  • Cut up, cart and burn said tree. (pouring salt on the environmental desecration wound)
  • Weed the jungle that was trying it's best to be the path from the back of the house to the front.
  • Prune the entire fence length of trees after I realised it wasn't that it's not yet poppy/ begonia/ purple daisy/ azalea season but rather that mine are in full shade all but 30 minutes of the day)
  • Cut down completely rotten tree I found while pruning. Have Meg race to tell K to come and help me as the bit I cut was too heavy for me to hold with one hand while I cut with the other and it was going to fall on me...
  • Balanced up a ladder while picking a bag full of diseased leaves from the nectarine and peach trees. There's still about another bag of leaves up there. All the experts say leaf curl is a fungus and therefore picking the leaves will not do anything but I'd rather the apple farmers in the neighbourhood didn't know I was harbouring fungi here- we get enough stick for not using chemicals as it is!
  • Cut down all tree limbs overhanging the roof in a vain attempt to try and ebb the flow of concerned citizens/ interfering neighbours calling out from the street that 10cm of leafy overhang is going to rot our roof, fill our gutters, cause a roofing tile cave in and lead to the destruction of all that we have. (or warnings to that effect anyway)
  • removed new mountain of pruned limbs to the fire pit.
  • Decided the yummyness of a bbq outweighed the risk of food poisoning from eating meat cooked over green wood and shovelled coals into the bbq and cooked pork chops on the barbie (almost Aussie...)
  • Made a dashing arch out of two aqua coloured garden stakes for my climbing rose. It has a certain 60s beach house glamour I'm telling myself....
  • Had how-will-we-anchor-the-cucumber-net talk (part 17) with co-farmer A. very draining talk as neither of us are native speakers of Japanese, I learnt from a textbook and she learnt from her husband (a concreter- not that I have anything against guys who work construction but they tend not to speak what the textbook teaches) and we both are convinced that our (opposing) opinions are right. We're really not getting anywhere and her husband has already refused to work on the project until we make up our mind. This stems back to the tomato shelter incident of 2009 in which said husband set up the tomato house not once or twice but three times before we were both satisfied.
  • Drove to the other side of the city and back to eat an ice-cream. Well actually it was to take neighbour's daughter to get a 'recruit suit' for interviews and for me to look at a shop rumoured to have a big-big-size corner where I might be able to buy some summer pants. Only big-big-size corner turned out to be for women not blessed in both weight and height and so was a bit of a fizzer so the girls had 95 yen soft serves while we waited for R to find herself a suit. Only a 30 minute drive each way for an ice-cream...
  • Made dinner, did the bath and pjs thing, translated the directions on what I thought was a pack of amazing looking coconut flavoured jelly from the Brazilian supermarket only to realise it was instant coconut flavoured marshmallow mix. A whole tray of marshmallows... great.... and it required 20 minutes of mixing... and I don't have a mixer... so I wound down after my big day watching tv on youtube and whisking at full tilt for 20 minutes....
Phew... I think that was it for today. K is at a meeting at the community centre (having gone around and checked all the street lights first- think he wants to get a jump on any complaints!) and I'm about to go to bed because I just don't know what time tomorrow will start....

God news is only one more day until Monday- yeah!

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Rachel さんのコメント...

i'm terribly sorry for giggling at the thought of you standing under a tree holding up a branch about to fall on your head and yelling for the kids to get help. Thank God they are not still toddlers, who would calmly walk the other way, or come up to you and say 'What DOOing, mum?'

And you're not the only Mum who encouraged self-serve brekkie and TV on Saturday morning. I slept in until 9am yesterday!

Have you tried ezibuy.co.au for clothes? They deliver to Japan.$15 for summer clearance capri jeans:

Gaijin Wife さんのコメント...

Shark arrived - thank you!! We had birthday party leftovers so it is still frozen and will be fish and chips on the next day hub gets home early so I don't need to deep fry stuff in two sittings.

Why on earth don't you have a hand mixer?