weird weathered working weekend

Woke up this morning to this:

But don't worry. This is not another rant about freaking cold weather, freaking absent Spring and freaking non-existent global freaking warming. Really. It's not. I'm over that. Well almost, anyway.

It was a very weird weather day though. Headed off to work in the snow, cancelled our field ploughing as no point if you can't see the field, and spent the afternoon hauling wood. By evening the yard looked like this:

Very muddy and wet but snow free. About 10cm of snow melted in a day. That's my kind of snow day. And I know it's impossible to see but I want you to try- look through the lattice fence in both pictures. Doesn't there seem to be a lot more light coming through the fence in the bottom picture? Why yes, I did haul wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of wood around the back of the house. Almost as fast as K brought truckload after truckload of the stuff home. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, be grateful for what you're given and all that but we are drowning in wood at the moment. Really. There's just nowhere left to stack it. Never mind that it will take K a month of Sundays to chop it all up. (I know it's very un-feminist of me but I don't chainsaw. I haul, I stack, I split with an axe, I break, I saw with a handsaw but I don't chainsaw. So yeah, it's K who has a huge job ahead of him.) Anyway, as I was making yet another above-my-head woodpile beside the house I was thinking of different cottage industries I could start to help with the problem: community kitchen- I will keep the pizza oven going 24/7 and people can just drop in with their bread dough/ yakitori/ pizza and bake away. You cut-you haul firewood- we provide the wood. You come and cut it, leave a percentage as a thank you (donation style- and I won't even 'suggest' a minimum donation!) and cart the rest away yourself. I'll throw in free use of the K-truck to get your wood home. (Easy for me to offer as I can't drive it so I won't miss it. If K is home when you come over we may have to negotiate...) Or how about a whittle your own chopsticks class? You start with a great lump of apple wood and a knife and keep going until you have chopsticks. I could make up a brand and burn a cute apple motif into them and you have the perfect Shinshu souvenir!

The girls had a great day and were so buoyed by the snow melting they really got into the Spring thing:

It really wasn't as warm as Amy's outfit would suggest. Even Meg's bare legs are overstating it a bit. But they had a grand time playing with all the outside toys that have been hibernating since Autumn.

Behind Meg is the board K made up to deal with the constant enquiries about the community centre key. It says 'community centre key here' with a big arrow pointing up to a box with the key in it and a sign in sheet for those who take the key. This is a bit of excitement around here as until this year the key has been kept inside the key holder's house and the key holder (or rather his wife) spends her days doling it out and making sure it comes back again. Scandalously un-housewifely me is just not at home often enough for this to work and I had enough of the indignant phonecalls: 'Hey. Where are you? I've come for the key and the door is locked??' in less than two weeks of our one year term so K devised this system. Is it secure? Well no, not really. But seriously, it's the key to an empty hall. It's not like someone will break in and steal the 100 or so miso soup bowls, right? And this system is far preferable to the one suggested by the guy over the road- that we leave the key in our genkan and the front door unlocked. I am not worried about people coming in and stealing my 8 or so mismatched miso bowls or the 12 inch tv that doesn't work without hitting it on the side but rather that my housekeeping skills (or rather lack of them) would be on display for all and sundry. No thank you.

Finished the day with a neighbourhood PTA meeting where it came out that my phone is too old to do this funky information sharing by infra-red business and that roadside cleaning has been moved from 6am to 5:30am start so the older kids can do their bit before they head off to baseball practice. Fabulous. Of course I want to support the kids following their dreams and sport is a good healthy way to spend the day but so is sleep. And a 5:30 start to pick up non-existent roadside rubbish? You'll have to excuse me if I'm not smiling and whistling while I work that day.

Going to bed with the sound of apple fans whirring above us. The outside PA was going every hour on the hour this evening warning everyone about heavy frost so I guess Spring is not about to make it's entrance tomorrow either... Lucky I don't need to get up and be down at the community centre by 6:00 ready to de-weed the waterways with K tomorrow morning, hey? Sigh. Someone has to stay home and look after the children...

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bastish さんのコメント...

Look at the size of your yard! How can you say there is no place to stack wood? I would kill (a frog) for that much land adjacent to the house.

What saw do you use to saw your wood by hand? I have a link around here somewhere to a guy that sells really great quality saws. You can even get a two person saw with the handle on each side so the girls can get in on the action. I have been using one of his cheaper ones and it works great.

Found it! (the link)

Xana さんのコメント...

Perhaps once the neighbors get used to the sign out board concept, you could move the sign out board next to the community center door. Then remove the board and leave the key in the door. And finally, the obvious solution, leave the door unlocked!