tokyo time

After the blessing we headed to Tokyo and (after we finally got there!) we had a really amazing time. Cassie her husband and Nana were great hosts and we just had a blast.

I was really surprised at what we saw. I have to admit I have a very limited knowledge of Tokyo. Tokyo station, Shinbashi, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Asakusa pretty much covers it. Cassie lives in Fuchu and it is such a beautiful area (and I should know- we saw a lot of it before we even got to Cassie's!) that I was really surprised and kept thinking- this is Tokyo?

Monday we went to Kichijoji which is another amazing place. I mean this picture was taken in Tokyo:

Wow. Huh?

The park was beautiful but Amy was incredibly unimpressed. The huge park, the pond, the ducks, the fish, the cherry blossom, the people rowing around in boats, the people watching opportunities (Tokyoites are so fashionable!), the tranquility, the miracle that all of this was in Tokyo?

Nope. Not impressed.

"Gaaahhh! Mummy! You said we were going to a park! This isn't a park! There's no swings!!"

We did find a slide and two rocking horses and Cassie and I flaked on a park bench for a while (Nana had had a broken night and Amy had woken up at 3:30am, realised it wasn't pitch country-style black, decided it was morning, and spent the next two hours trying to convince me to get up and make breakfast- aghhhh!) Well, it seems you can take the girls out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girls:

Meg teaching Nana how to get completely grubby and muddy before lunch. Extra points for being all dolled up at the time.

After a good play (and a restorative communal mummy zone out) we met up with Laura and baby Noah and headed to an amazing Thai Restaurant in the park. It was fabulous and I ate a green curry to die for. Wow. Yum... It was so nice to meet another Aussie, too. I'm in a bit of an American-centric area here. More Europeans than Aussies even. I got to say nappy, brekky, tiggy, flanny and deb and not have to explain. Yeah! And such a nice Aussie to boot. Great to put another face to a bloggy name, too.

We spent the afternoon hitting the department stores and speciality shops. I stocked up on corn meal, cream of tartar, maple syrup, pink pepper corns, crunchy french bread and other such essentials that I don't really miss when I don't have them (most of the time) but that I jump at the chance to buy when I can.

It was such fun and really opened up my mind to the mega-metropolis that is Tokyo. I get all riled up at people generalising about 'the country' and yet I had been guilty of doing the same about Tokyo!

It was a bit scary getting (another) reminder of how lacking in city smarts my kids are, though. Between walking in a straight line down footpaths forcing others to weave around them, ignoring the ringing of approaching bicycles, wandering off in crowded department stores, running off in crowded parks, and just wanting to skip and run rather than walk I did a whole lotta shouting out of warnings. I hate to be so negative but when it comes to safety you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The girls had a fabulous time, are in love with 2 year old Nana, think a door bell that chimes electronically should be our next household purchase and even started getting good at changing trains.

Cassie's family's home language is English, we spoke English together, we spoke to Laura in English, Cassie made the most amazing spinach meatballs and penne gorgonzola for dinner and french toast for breakfast (not a bowl of rice or a pack of natto in sight!) we ate Thai for lunch, we bought a french stick.... it was so completely unlike our normal life!

So unlike it that when Meg heard the station announcement for Matsumoto on the way home she said "are we back in Japan, now Mummy?"

That about sums up our trip, I think!

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Melanie さんのコメント...

Glad you had so much fun while you were here. The trains always scared me when I first came (I had lived in Shikoku before and you were lucky to have an express train every hour let alone every 10 min or so.)

Kichijoji is a great place, must ask Cassie about those meatballs when I see her next

achan さんのコメント...

What a wonderful visit!!! It sounds like Cassie is a wonderful host :)

Yeh for all those wonderful encounters-food, sights, shopping and a bigger yeh for meeting up with lots of Aussies. I am very thankful that the majority of foreigners around me are Aussies (I love everyone else too though!)

I hope you and the girls have another wonderful opportunity soon.

Nay さんのコメント...

Sounds like you all had a great time!! I have never been to Kichijoji before but Lulu and others have raved about it a lot that it is on my list of places to go to... Might have to con Lulu into taking me there next time I visit the big smoke!

Meg's comment really made me laugh :) Very cute!

Lulu さんのコメント...

I had a great time meeting you and the girls as well!!! Totally agree about the awesome green curry

So funny but I wrote about how nice it was to see someone that has an aussie accent- I certainly miss that!

Oh and love what Meg said on the way home!!!

ps: There are swings in Inokashira Park- near the inkashira park station exit- just so the girls know for NEXT time!!! It is such a big park that there are little playgrounds everywhere - oh and the zoo (which is very depressing but still) has a great little playground too including jungle gyms and monkey bars, see-saws, slides and swings!

Japan Mama さんのコメント...

I love the "are we back in Japan yet?" bit. It's great to see things from a different viewpoint, and I think you really do that when you have children. Especially before the whole time concept occurs. My daughter is always asking if we can "go to England for the day". Kichijoji is great, and Tokyo is very unique, but I would be nervous too, as I'm sure my two would be the same..oh, and a park without swings?!? What were you thinking?

Semsavblanc さんのコメント...

Tokyo! How wonderful. I love Tokyo too. It's not at all what I imagined it would be. It's totally do-able and nowhere near as scary as I expected for such a huge city. I love the things your girls come up with, by the way!

Sara さんのコメント...

Hahahaha that comment from Meg made my day. How fun :O)

Sounds like you guys had a great trip!! Ryohei went to that park on a date way back in the old days and loved it. Didn't know it was in Kichijoji until Lulu told me though!

glad you made it back and hope to see you back in the old T-town sometime in the future!

thefukases さんのコメント...

Thank you everyone, it really was fun.

And Japan Mama? We have many, many conversations about why we can't go to Fukushima for the day or Australia for the weekend. Pretty tough when most of her friends live *with*their grandparents...