I had a bad day...

I love this video:

And it was the soundtrack to my day today.

It started early.

Really early.

Twice a year we have gomi zero days. Zero Rubbish days. One representative from each house in the neighborhood turns up at 6:30 am (because you gotta catch the rubbish before it wakes up and runs away) to pick up litter for an hour. K actually enjoys this. Not so much the litter but the community involvement and because he isn’t in the neighborhood during the week he sees everyone less often and likes catching up so he’s our nominated gomi zero representative.

No problem so far, right? Well, he also likes spending time with the girls and so told them (stupid, stupid man) that if they woke up early Sunday morning they could go with him. These are kids who have never slept past 7:00 in their lives... So today started bright, loud and early at 5:20 when they bounded into our room yelling ‘wake up! It’s gomi zero day!’ the way most kids rave about Christmas....

So, after revolting early start I got up and made muffin to take to SIL’s house in Nagoya. She had a baby in August and we were going to see him for the first time.

M and A came home and ate natto and rice for breakfast. Cue Amy’s second outfit of the day (although when I suggested she change as their was natto all down her front she looked puzzled and replied ‘I’ll eat it in the car.’) Then somehow, in an absolutely unavoidable, nobody’s fault bout of banned horseplay in the kitchen Amy ended up sitting in a basket of tomatoes. A full basket of tomatoes. Cue Amy’s third outfit of the day and it’s not even 9:00...

Got in the car and thanks to my amazing negotiation skills (I really should send a resume to the UN. I’m wasted here) we made it 4 hours, one wrong exit on the expressway and a wrong turn-we’re-not-lost-we’re-just-on-a-different-road navigational doozy from K to SIL’s house.


Well, SIL lives in a gorgeous but very, ummm... compact.... apartment with beautiful and expensive things. Everywhere. On low benches. With a downstairs neighbour who doesn’t like noise. Perfect place for my two....

After a stressful 3 hours where the girls occupied themselves by eating, drawing and asking why the 5 week old baby wouldn’t play with them more my disaster prevention skills were finely honed (UN, I’m multi-talented), the house was still in one piece, I had convinced SIL she didn’t need to give Amy the blanket straps from the baby’s stroller just because she asked for them- woo hoo, SIL, you gotta harden your heart to the puppy dog face, I tell ya- we were back in the car for another fun-filled four hour journey home.

Stopped at a rest area for coffees and I went to the loo while the others were etill sitting on the terrace. Met K half way to the loo with the girls on my way back. Both had been sure they didn’t need to go when I went but 5 minutes later? Busting...

Somehow here we both forgot that my bag was under a chair on the terrace. Remembered 2 minutes down the road but it’s a little tricky doing a U-turn on the expressway....

No problem, we’ll just use K’s phone to call directory assistance, get the number for the rest area shop, have them check and ship the bag back C.O.D.

beep- beep- beep-

K’s phone has a dead battery.

“Why didn’t you charge it?”

“I did.”

“You haven’t even used it today?”

“Recently it doesn’t hold the charge....”

“Since when?”

“...... about a month ago.....”


Big. Deep. Breath.

OK, we’ll stop at the next rest area and call from there.

K comes back from the public phone with a fancy schmancy car phone charger.

“I didn’t have enough 10 yen coins so I bought this instead.”

Definitely came out ahead on that one, I think...

Plugged in the phone, called the place:

“It’s a greyish handbag with a book on companion planting, one on sour dough bread and a camera in a blue case.”

“..... we don’t have a greyish one but we have a blackish one with a book on companion planting etc etc”

Give me a break!

But bag is there, all is well, they will send it, let’s go home.

Amy spilled a cup of water on her dress. We’re 20 minutes from home, she has a towel to mop it up, the car isn’t cold, this is the girl who was happy to wear a dress covered in natto, no big deal, right?


The last amazing 20 minutes of our family fun Sunday involved Amy screaming that her dress needed to come off now (not such a biggy) and that she wanted a new dress (problem. My evacuation bag in the car runs to shorts, t-shirts and trackpants but no dresses) Then Meg started in that Amy was too noisy and it was on for young and old.

Thankfully no day lasts for ever and the girls conked out in seconds but I swear if K ever, ever tells them to wake up early again I may just run away to Tuscany- with my pillow- and the coffee maker.

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Brenda さんのコメント...

OTSUKARESAMA!! (I was yelling that all the way from Chicago in the hopes that you would hear it.) Here's to days not lasting forever and moms who live through the ones that seem like they do!

achan さんのコメント...

There must have been something in the air yesterday as my day was just as bad! I however can't blame it on the early rising because my son wakes at 5am everyday-body clock :(

It is pure joy though to hear the girls get so excited over lifes simple things (collecting rubbish, jumping on piles of poop and picking their own raspberries). There are so many kids out there who don't get that happiness in their lives

Priscilla さんのコメント...

Wow! Your day was pretty eventful.

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire さんのコメント...

Your sure know how to take a bad day and make it sound funny as hell (even if it wasn't funny at the time)

illahee さんのコメント...

i hear ya. let me know when you get all set up in tuscany! ;)

hope today is going better for you!

Sara さんのコメント...

oh you poor thing...
that really does sound like an exhausting day.

on the bright side you will be getting some shinmai koshi hikari rice soon. ;)

Midori さんのコメント...

Oh my goodness. THAT definitely warrants the "bad day" song! Joey is an early riser as well, one of the reasons I am looking forward to the winter is that the darker mornings mean that he sleeps a fraction later (7am)than in the summer (5.30-6am) at the weekend!

Your SIL sounds like she is going to be in for a rude awakening when her baby actually starts moving around! I am ever so glad they found your bad without any problems though, only in Japan! :-)

Gaijin Wife さんのコメント...

8 hours in the car with kids just to visit the SIL! Dedication. Our neice is due to have her second baby in a month and I am already thinking Ryu and I will go visiting during a week day on our own - and with Granny K of course.


Illahee - you have to bring a skill to Tuscany. Heather - bread, me - wine, you - printing out fliers for experienced and firm handymen ??

Semsavblanc さんのコメント...

You make everything sound like fun. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way for you but thank you for always making me smile.

Gina さんのコメント...

What a day. : ( I'm glad they had your bag though.

illahee さんのコメント...

sounds like a plan, GW! LOL